Review: The Lego Batman Movie

On Sunday, February 19, I saw the Lego Batman Movie.  I absolutely loved it.  The plot line was based on the villains in the Phantom Zone and how they were going to reign havoc upon Gotham.  I specifically liked how the movie made references to the Batman movies in the past.  It was really funny, and I enjoyed that Lego Voldemort was in the movie because I am a big Harry Potter fan as well. I thought it was hilarious when Alfred Penneyworth told Batman, “You have been through many of these awkward  stages in your life, including the early 2000’s, the 80’s, and that weird one in the 60’s.”

What I didn’t enjoy about it is that technically Barbara Gordon was supposed to be Dick Grayson’s age, and in the movie she was Bruce Wayne’s age.  Although I think she would be a good candidate for commissioner, she never became commissioner.  I also like the fact that there were other Lego characters in the movie, but they do not exist in the DC Universe.  Overall, I enjoyed the movie, and it was pretty good.


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