Young Justice Season 3

One of DC Comic’s and WB’s most successful cartoons in 2011 was Young Justice. It premiered in 2010 and went on for two seasons on Cartoon Network. It was canceled for an unknown reason, but know there are rumors that it is going to have a third season.  This third season will have all of the original voice actors returning, and the voice actor of Wally West (Kid Flash) is going to be in it also.  This meaning that Wally West will return even though he supposedly died in season 2.  There hasn’t been any news on when the exact season 3 release date will be, but some people think that it will be sometime in late spring to early summer.  When it does air, it will be on Cartoon Network.  Overall, I am personally excited, and I think most fans are to.  Hopefully it will live up to its first two great seasons.


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