Doom Patrol TV Show

Along with shows like Titans and Swamp  Thing, which have recently been announced, a Doom Patrol tv show will also appear on DC Universe (see my post on DC Universe).  We can’t say much about Doom Patrol because it seems like the creators might be switching the members around a bit.  Listed are the Doom Patrol members that have been confirmed and the actors that will portray them:

  • Robotman – Brendon Frasier
  • Crazy Jane – Diane Guerrero
  • Negative Man – Dwain Murphy
  • Elasti-girl – April Bowlby
  • The Chief (Dr. Niles Caulder) – Bruno Buchir


This news really excites me because the Doom Patrol has never had much media attention, but now even though it isn’t on the big screen, at least it will be on a screen.


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