Hero of the Week: Dr. Fate

Dr. Fate is one of the hidden gems of DC Comics.  He is not only one of the most unique characters in the company, but also one of the most mysterious.

First appearing in More Fun Comics #55 in 1940, he has been featured in many different animated movies and cartoons.  Additionally, Dr. Fate has had time on the small screen being featured in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and he even has his own DC Rebirth comic series.

The interesting thing about Dr. Fate is that it is actually just a helmet that requires a host body.  The spirit that possesses the helmet is called Nabu and has had many different hosts in the past. The main and most loved host has to be Kent Nelson.  Kent Nelson is actually just an old man that found the magical helmet while digging at an archaeology site in the Valley of Ur in Mesopotamia.  Once he put on the helmet, Nabu took control of his body, and didn’t let him go until Nabu found a host body that was just as good of a match.  Until the new host was found, Nelson began to enforce the laws of the mystic order.  Multiple members of the Justice League have been Dr. Fate, but newest host is Khalid Nassour.

Dr. Fate’s Stats

Image result for dr. fate

Real Name: Nabu (needs host body)

Occupation: Hero

Allies: Justice League, Justice Society of America

Foes: Anyone who disobeys the Order

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