Hero of the Week: Kilowog

From the planet Bolovax Vik, Kilowog is known among fans as one of the strongest Green Lanterns ever to be introduced.  In the comics, his role as recruit trainer has led to many success stories, such as Hal Jordan and John Stewart.  Kilowog takes his role as drill-instructor/trainer very seriously because he knew what it was like to join the Green Lantern Corps. and to have a very strict teacher.  When Kilowog was recruited, he was trained by the extremely tough, Ermey.

Kilwog is not only an exceptional Green Lantern, but he is also a very intellectual scientist.  Using his knowledge and strength, he became one of the head planners of the corps.

Although Kilowog is one of the lesser known Green Lanterns, he did have an on screen appearance in the 2011 Green Lantern movie, where they created a more realistic version of the pink burly alien, using CGI.  Overall, despite not becoming a fan favorite like Hal Jordan or Abin Sur, Kilowog is one of the most skilled and personable Green Lanterns.


Kilowog’s Stats:

Image result for kilowog green lantern

Real Name: Kilowog

Occupation: Green Lantern/Hero

Base: Oa

Allies: Green Lantern Corps.

Foes: Sinestro


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