What’s Up with the Harley Quinn TV Show?

At the 2019 San Diego Comic Con, the official trailer of DC Universe’s Harley Quinn cartoon was released.  Many fans were excited, since Harley Quinn, despite controversy, is a fan favorite.  Since the trailer’s release, some people are confused on what version and plot of Harley the show will follow, considering that there are very many.  In this post, we’ll be looking closer at the show’s plot, production, and purpose.

To start, don’t let the cartoon aspect fool you.  This is nothing like DC Universe’s other animated shows, like Young Justice.  The cartoon is estimated to be TV-MA, due to it’s language and violent themes,  but for Harley Quinn, what else would you expect?  Well, for some, not that.  Perhaps they wanted a funny show that families can watch together, but if you want accuracy, you would have to portray Harley’s crazy nature, and “sit-com” doesn’t really fit that.

Next,  the voice actress for Harley Quinn, Kaley Cuoco, said that the tv show focuses on the female empowering side of Harley, not her desperate, “Mr. J please love me” side, since the character has, in fact, changed a lot over the years; changed for the better.  Cuoco also mentioned that there will be many other notable female characters in the show, such as Poison Ivy and Catwoman, A.K.A Harley Quinn’s best friends.  Due to the fact that the trio is back together in this cartoon, many people theorize that the show will be like the “Gotham City Sirens” movie that we never got.

Overall, the show will be an interesting twist on Harley Quinn and the use of animation withing the realm of DC Comics.

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