Stargirl TV Show Review

On May 11th, DC Universe’s original TV show, Stargirl, premiered on the platform, as well as the CW.  The show was officially announced around November, but there had been rumors about for years prior (its release was inferred to be postponed due to its switch to becoming a DC Universe original).  After the initial release, many viewers have stated that it looks more promising than other DC shows, such as DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, which had mostly negative feedback.  In this post, I’ll be going through some comparisons between the TV show and Stargirl’s actual origins, along with some highlights of the show in general.


Stargirl’s Comic Origin

Like most other DC characters, Stargirl has multiple versions and adaptations, but I’ll be explaining the most commonly referred to one, A.K.A that of Courtney Whitmore.  This was the first version of Stargirl to ever appear; she made her debut in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #0 (July 1999).  The character was created by Lee Moder and Goff Johns, who based the character’s appearance and name on his sister (also named Whitney), died in a plane crash three years prior.  The Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. comic series follows a teenage Whitney who discovers the costume of the iconic Star-Spangled Kid in her new home, which she moved into with her mother and step-dad, who admitted to once working with the Justice Society of America.  Courtney takes the costume and goes out wearing it in spite of her step-dad, who she resents for moving them across the country, away from her hometown.  Her step-dad then builds the robot sidekick suit S.T.R.I.P.E., in order to assist in her newfound crime-fighting duties.  Shortly after, Courtney finds what’s known as the Cosmic Staff, which belonged to her father, the original Star Spangled Kid, but later known as Starman.  When Courtney finds out that Starman was her dad, she dawns the name Stargirl, in his honor.

Surprisingly enough, the Stargirl TV show follows this plot line almost exactly, so far, while maintaining the necessary creative freedoms that all adaptations need. In fact, the first two episodes have already covered most of this origin, leaving lots of room for introducing some of Stargirl’s foes.  Multiple members of the Injustice Society of America have already appeared, such as Brainwave, Wizard, and Icicle.  I personally liked the intro to the pilot episode, which included cameos from multiple JSA members, such as Wildcat, Hourman and Dr. Mid-Night.

Overall, personally, I already like the show, even though only two episodes have premiered.  Others seem to agree, as well.  Since its release, the show has received mostly positive reviews, and many fans have high hopes for what’s to come.

The Surprising First Appearance of Harley Quinn

As many know, Harley Quinn will go down as a fan favorite of DC’s, having appeared on the big screen before many other iconic characters, even Wonder Woman.  Since she has been in fans’ hearts for so long, people usually assume that she has been in comics for even longer, however, Harley Quinn actually made her debut in “The Joker’s Favor”, an episode of the Emmy winning cartoon, Batman: The Animated Series.  That’s right, she was a cartoon before she was a comic.  In fact, Harley Quinn was originally just supposed to be an add in for that particular episode, but the immense response to her personality made her develop into one of Batman’s main villains in the series.

As previously mentioned, Quinn became a main character later on in the show’s run.  So, originally, she was just created for the show, and that was supposed to be it.  However, a year after her first appearance in the show, she made her comic debut in Batman Adventures #12.

Today, Harley Quinn was a main character in not only the Suicide Squad live action film, but also stars in the upcoming Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn.

What’s Up with the Harley Quinn TV Show?

At the 2019 San Diego Comic Con, the official trailer of DC Universe’s Harley Quinn cartoon was released.  Many fans were excited, since Harley Quinn, despite controversy, is a fan favorite.  Since the trailer’s release, some people are confused on what version and plot of Harley the show will follow, considering that there are very many.  In this post, we’ll be looking closer at the show’s plot, production, and purpose.

To start, don’t let the cartoon aspect fool you.  This is nothing like DC Universe’s other animated shows, like Young Justice.  The cartoon is estimated to be TV-MA, due to it’s language and violent themes,  but for Harley Quinn, what else would you expect?  Well, for some, not that.  Perhaps they wanted a funny show that families can watch together, but if you want accuracy, you would have to portray Harley’s crazy nature, and “sit-com” doesn’t really fit that.

Next,  the voice actress for Harley Quinn, Kaley Cuoco, said that the tv show focuses on the female empowering side of Harley, not her desperate, “Mr. J please love me” side, since the character has, in fact, changed a lot over the years; changed for the better.  Cuoco also mentioned that there will be many other notable female characters in the show, such as Poison Ivy and Catwoman, A.K.A Harley Quinn’s best friends.  Due to the fact that the trio is back together in this cartoon, many people theorize that the show will be like the “Gotham City Sirens” movie that we never got.

Overall, the show will be an interesting twist on Harley Quinn and the use of animation withing the realm of DC Comics.

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Doom Patrol TV Show

Along with shows like Titans and Swamp  Thing, which have recently been announced, a Doom Patrol tv show will also appear on DC Universe (see my post on DC Universe).  We can’t say much about Doom Patrol because it seems like the creators might be switching the members around a bit.  Listed are the Doom Patrol members that have been confirmed and the actors that will portray them:

  • Robotman – Brendon Frasier
  • Crazy Jane – Diane Guerrero
  • Negative Man – Dwain Murphy
  • Elasti-girl – April Bowlby
  • The Chief (Dr. Niles Caulder) – Bruno Buchir


This news really excites me because the Doom Patrol has never had much media attention, but now even though it isn’t on the big screen, at least it will be on a screen.


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DC Universe Streaming Service

Yesterday, DC Comics announced that their new Netflix-like streaming service, DC Universe is available for purchase!  DC will be taking all of their tv shows and movies off of all other streaming platforms so that DC Universe will be the only place where you can watch DC stuff, besides on regular television.  There will be lots of original movies and tv shows on the platform like Teen Titans and Swamp Thing, similar to how Netflix has shows like Stranger Things that are exclusive.  I think that it is going to great and I would recommend looking into it.

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Teen Titans TV Show

Recently, on the DC Comics website, there has been an announcement about a Teen Titans live action tv show.  There have been a few different Teen Titans cartoons, which include Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go, but never a live action show, or even movie.  In the same post about the tv show, a all DC Comics tv show streaming network was mentioned.  After doing a little more research on it, I realized that it is like Netflix or Hulu for DC Comics tv shows and movies only.  The other show that was brought up in a similar post regarding what shows will be included in the streaming network was Young Justice season 3.  This makes me really excited because I loved Young Justice when it first aired in 2010.  Since it was cancelled I have been waiting for Warner Bros. to bring it back, and make a third season.  While Young Justice season 3 has been confirmed, we don’t yet know when it will come out, or who the cast is.  Although, the Teen Titans cast has partially been confirmed.

The cast consists of:

Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson (Nightwing)

Teagen Croft as Rachel Roth (Raven)

Anna Diop as Koriand’r (Starfire)

DC Comics hasn’t released when the show will air or,  what the story line will be based off of.


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Young Justice Season 3

One of DC Comic’s and WB’s most successful cartoons in 2011 was Young Justice. It premiered in 2010 and went on for two seasons on Cartoon Network. It was canceled for an unknown reason, but know there are rumors that it is going to have a third season.  This third season will have all of the original voice actors returning, and the voice actor of Wally West (Kid Flash) is going to be in it also.  This meaning that Wally West will return even though he supposedly died in season 2.  There hasn’t been any news on when the exact season 3 release date will be, but some people think that it will be sometime in late spring to early summer.  When it does air, it will be on Cartoon Network.  Overall, I am personally excited, and I think most fans are to.  Hopefully it will live up to its first two great seasons.


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